img_1503Poudre Valley Craftsman is locally owned and operated by Billy Medlock in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We are a bespoke furniture maker and woodworking company that focuses on quality and craftsmanship. Bespoke is basically a way of saying we make things “to order” meaning we can create beautiful goods paying close attention to the exact needs and desires of our clients. This sort of business plan creates a close and direct relationship with our customers.  We believe that furniture is something very personal to us throughout our lives. It is the objects that we interact with on  a daily basis and so it needs to reflect the interests and personalities of our individual clients. We believe that we not only make beautiful pieces of woodworking but we forge lasting relationships with our clients so that they may enjoy a lifetime of heirloom furniture.  We root our methods in craft tradition and knowledge of hand work but utilize the power of modern methods and machines. We pride ourselves on sustainability by sourcing locally harvested lumber and we prefer to use time honored craftsman finishes of shellac’s, oil’s, and home made beeswax polishes.


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